Diane Kress, RD CDE

Private Practice 

Medical Nutrition Therapy

New York Times Bestselling Author 

"The Metabolism Miracle"

Diane Kress, RD CDE

My background

  • Diane Kress is one of the top 10 US "Dietitians Making a Difference".  
  • She graduated as Valedictorian of Marywood University. 
  • She is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, medical nutrition specialist. 
  • She has worked in NJ hospitals and medical centers and eventually opened a flourishing private practice in Morristown, NJ.
  •  Her career spans 35+ years. During the past 18 years, she dedicated her career to researching,  developing, and teaching  the diet and lifestyle plan that enables long- term weight loss and improvement in weight-related medical conditions such as:
  •  overweight 
  • obesity
  •  metabolic syndrome
  •  PCOS 
  • pre- diabetes
  •  type 2 diabetes
  •  hypothyroidism
  •  elevated cholesterol and triglycerides
  • hypertension  
  • Diane Kress' lifestyle program "The Metabolism Miracle" is a New York Times Bestseller, published in 8 languages, and a world-wide success.
  • Diane also wrote 4 other top selling books:  The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, The Diabetes Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition, and The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook!
  • She is the developer and monitor of the Metabolism Miracle's online support site: Miracle-Ville.com.  

Take a minute and answer a few questions.....

  • 1.  Are you frustrated because your "tried and true" diets no longer work for you?
  • 2.  Are you gaining a fat roll around the middle and have annoying belly fat, back fat and a bloated face?
  • 3.  Do you feel fatigued, even after a night's sleep?
  • 4.  Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?
  • 5.  Are you feeling more jumpy or anxious than usual?  Have racing thoughts?
  • 6.  In the same day you feel anxious, do you also feel wiped- out and a little depressed?
  • 7.  Do you crave foods like pasta, bakery bread, desserts, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, chips, baked goods....but fear that if you get started, you won't be able to stop?
  • 8.  Has your sex drive decreased" Do you have ED?
  • 9.  Are you losing your focus and concentration?
  • 10.  Does coffee and caffeine containing drinks have LESS of an impact?
  • 11.  Does alcohol have a faster and more pronounced impact?
  • 12.  Do oncoming headlights make night driving difficult?
  • 13.  Do you find your eyes tearing at times and feeling dry at other times?
  • 14.  Do you feel like you are aging faster....are you concerned about your skin, hair, lack of a healthy glow?
  • 15.  Do you have less self esteem due to how you look and feel?
  • 16.  Are you ready to make a permanent change for the better regarding your weight, health, energy, wellness?
  • Call Diane Kress!

My approach

  • " Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ...Hippocrates

I believe in meeting with my patients in absolute privacy, with the utmost respect, and to the best of my ability.

I promise to take the  time to get to know you, explain things thoroughly, individualize your program,  and be available to enourage and direct you on your path to your desired weight, improved health, and true wellness.


I will meet with you in your home or office.  No driving to your appointment, sitting in a waiting room, rushing through  a one hour appointment, or tolerating "assembly- line" care.

YOU are the focus of my attention.