Before we meet

Latest Fasting Lab Work

Ask your MD for your latest fasting lab work and blood pressure.  If it's been more than 6 months since your last labs, ask your physician for a metabolic panel, lipid profile. TSH, fasting insulin level, and Vitamin D.

Height and Weight

Prior to our meeting, please have a very recent height and weight from your MD's office.  Fill in the contact form on this site.  I will send the Initial Assessment form.  Return with your latest lab work and the completed initial assessment form.

Before we initially meet, email your lab work, blood pressure, and completed Initial Assessment form to

When you make contact regarding  an appointment, provide your email and I will forward via email your Initial Assessment form.   Please fill everything in and return to along with your height/weight/ blood pressure, and most recent FASTING lab work.  If your lab work is over 6 months old, please ask your MD for FASTING labs including:

metabolic panel

lipid profile

fasting insulin


Vitamin D

I'll get the ball rolling before we actually meet!